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Fwarders: Tailor-made services for global logistics

Fwarders offers a variety of services to its customers, with the aim of helping and supporting them throughout the entire shipping process. We can send your goods by sea, land and air. We provide our professionals to help you with the cargo shipping.  

Thanks to transportations we choose, we can guarantee very high standards in managing the entire logistics chain, ensuring that the goods are transported in the best possible way. Check our best solutions for your shipments.

Transportation and logistics services

Since 1978, the partner for your transport

Fwarders was born from the experience gained in the field of transport and logistics by Cromm International in over 40 years of activity. We guarantee reliability and punctuality to our customers. We assist companies by providing advice and identifying the best routes. 

Innovation, flexibility and efficiency are the mainstays that define our philosophy. The values and commitment we put into our work define the success of our business strategy.